Positive6 Campaign

The DBSA Positive Six Campaign

Six months of positive actions to connect to your health and community

Each month—May through October, 2014—we'll feature a new +6 challenge aimed at strengthening connections to your health, relationships, and community. This year’s DBSA +6 campaign will focus on thriving by enhancing wellness. Each month’s challenge will correlate with the five measurements identified in the World Health Organization’s five point WHO-5 Well-Being Index, to help you work towards feeling more active and vigorous, cheerful and in good spirits, calm and relaxed, fresh and rested, and engaged by things of interest in your daily life. We’ve added meaningful relationships as our sixth focus because we know how important good support is!

Thriving is the focus for DBSA’s +6 campaign in 2014—making small changes each month that enhance our well-being. Whether it’s incorporating a new habit, focusing on better sleep, trying something new, or simply taking time to breathe, little things can make a big difference! DBSA +6  was designed to help anyone, but especially the over 21 million people who live with mood disorders, to live a happier life. Come on, do something good for yourself and others—take the challenge and have fun along the way!