The Best Things To Do In Bluffdale Utah

This is a city that is very close to Salt Lake City, about 20 miles away. It’s a very small community, just about 8000 people, and is perfect for people prefer a vacation where they can just get away. Although it is small in size, it has many businesses such as restaurants where you can […]

Why Visiting Bluffdale Utah Will Be A Great Trip

There is a city that is very close to Salt Lake City in Utah that is called Bluffdale that you might want to visit. It is not as well known simply because it is quite small, and it got its name as a result of the bluffs in the area. It was actually settled right […]

What Can I Do In Bluff Dale Right Now?

Living in Bluff Dale can be difficult. It may seem like there is absolutely nothing to do. In just about every town and city across the nation, there are kids and adults feeling just like you. Sometimes, you just have to take the time to look at what is around you and take action upon […]

The History Of An American Town

The history of Bluffdale, Utah is very interesting. The Madsens were the first permanent settlers in this area. In 1862, they arrived and made a homestead on the east side of the Jordan River. During that same year, Chris Peterson arrived with his family. Shortly after Timothy Gilbert made his homestead on the west side […]