Positive6 Campaign


Be of Good Cheer Challenge

Spring is in bloom, and summer’s almost here! Plant the seeds of good cheer and nurture high spirits—create a daily gratitude journal, practice acts of kindness, embrace beauty, or create a playlist of uplifting songs. Cultivating joy bears the fruit of happiness.

Challenge Thought Starters

Get some ideas and get started!

Gratitude Journal Tool

Journaling daily can help refresh your outlook and enforce a kinder, more positive approach.

bp Magazine

bp magazine

7 Ways To Manage Depressive Thoughts
Learn techniques to help you manage your negative thoughts.


esperanza magazine

The Gift of Gratitude
Practicing gratitude has a positive influence on mood, relationships and overall happiness.  Check out ideas for nurturing thankfulness.

Facebook Event: Music to Lift Your Spirits

Join us on Facebook on Thursday, June 18, 8PM CT, for 90 minutes of music to lift your spirits.

Follow our event page for details and updates!