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Nurturing Interests Challenge

Hungry for more passion and purpose? Embrace hobbies or activities, old or new, which bring you joy—register for an online course, cook a new dish, be a tourist in your own city, take an art course, or try container gardening. At the end of the month, invite a friend to join you in the activity that you’ve found most enjoyable.

Challenge Thought Starters

Get some ideas and get started!

Overwhelmed? Just not sure where to start?

Let go of hesitation and leave your decision up to chance with our ‘Roll the Dice’ tool.

bp Magazine

bp magazine

Escape: Take a hike—for pleasure and HEALTH
Whether you are looking for that connection to nature, or you need a pleasant, inexpensive way to shape up, autumn is an ideal time to take a hike. Read article.


esperanza magazine

The Art of Healing
People who paint, dance, and make music say it’s a great way to get out of your head and let out your emotions. Read article.

Challenge Cartoon

Monthly +6 Cartoons by Chato B. Stewart
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Embracing Creative Interests Podcast

DBSA Executive Vice President Cindy Specht hosts Julia Cameron, best-selling author of the groundbreaking book on creativity, The Artist's Way. Julia discusses how we can all foster creativity in our daily lives.